Functional Area


Media and Communication Sales Representative Hot
Firma GmbH
8 - 10 Years
$ 10000 - 20000 per annum

Responsibilities: Prospecting and Lead Generation: Identify and pursue new business opportunities within the media and communication sector. Conduct market research to identify potential clients and industry trends. Generate and qualify leads through networking, cold calling, and other outreach strategies. Sales Presentations: Develop and deliver persuasive sales presentations to prospective clients. Showcase the features and benefits of our media and communication products/services. Address client needs and concerns, providing customized solutions to meet their objectives. Relationship Building: Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their business needs. Collaborate with internal teams to ensure seamless delivery of products/services and customer satisfaction. Act as a trusted advisor to clients, offering insights and recommendations.

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Flutter Application Developer Hot
Firma GmbH
0 - 1 Years
$ 10000 - 20000 per annum

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Python Developer
Firma GmbH
2 - 5 Years
$ Not Disclosed

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